Who are YOU??

                    who you are?

“Find out who you are and do it on a purpose”-Dolly Parton.
It seems that many around us don`t even know about themselves.Do they? No, indeed.
Generally, the habits of the daily life or the person we are today is circled around by the environment or the believes and practices run by the society around us.

Everybody is different, infact are weirdly poles apart. Surprised! don`t be because everyone around us might have distinct likes/dislikes, motivations, lifestyles , goals etc. It is really essential to find out who you are. Then, one can move on the correct path in life and be satisfied too. For example, some may be good at teamwork many others may execute the work them self. So it depends on person to person.

The point is that each one us is unique which makes you quetionable and to find out who you are. It even becomes easy to understand others if we do understand our self. It is equally important to analyze your own strengths and weakness so as to deal with hard times as well as to create a displayed work.
The worst thing which people do themselves is “try to get fit” into a uncomfortable zone just as to wants or liked. For example if a person acts to scuttle(with spouse) and is not so then the marriage cant go longer and the person will not be in ease and feel unsatisfactory all the time.

Usually, people in early 20`s try to act what the always wanted to become while in late 20`s they try to accept themselves. It is really significant to analyze and accept about who you are. Knowing yourselves helps you to find out a path in which you own your life and not just trying to be person who just plead people.

To know who you are takes following steps to analyze. They are:

  • Being honest to yourself
  • Admit your mistakes easily
  • Use freedom to be happy
  • Do things which makes you happy
  • Cry when you are sad
  • Work hard for your desires
  • Dance or laugh when you feel happy
  • Never give up

One who practices mentioned above tips will definitely come to know about themselves and will enhance your own personality to grow and displayed. Life is too short to pretend.
“be yourself everyone is already taken”- Oscar Widley.

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