What is your greatest strength?- Self realization

Self Realization-life of pi

It is very much clear from the name that I am talking about a movie. When u entered in theater to watch it, you might not know the end of it. But as soon as the reel life stops, lights turned on, everyone starts moving towards exit, so as you, real life starts. A question arises in mind, was the movie exceptional? Or I just saw my life with different name and character?

Yes the answer is very true. You just saw yourself out there. PI, a boy born and brought up in a ZOO. He communicates with animals very well, had a religious flue since childhood. Tried to search god in every form. According to him a person with infinite dimensions cannot be described by any religion. He always admire god for giving him knowledge and situation to understand what god is. As his quest has no end, god makes his appearance. In first meeting with God, he learned a great lesson in his life. Or we can say god made him understand because god knows what obstacles PI will be facing in his upcoming years. As PI accepted it very well, it makes him live in an ocean. What a beautiful beginning of story, shipwrecked, fall in a lifesaving boat with few animals. Lost his entire materialistic family. But soon understands that he has to move on. Then the battle begins. True companion of each other. Soul and fear. He was stuck in boat with a bangal tiger “Richard parker”. Initial it was difficult for PI to face his fear. He did everything what everyone do- tried to vanish from there, but as its not comes under GODs plan, he was not able to elope. He has only one option left that face it. Mean while he saw the OTHER. The Evil, the bad part of other is they bring out the evil inside us. It is better to leave a company like this. Then Few days later, he had no option to get rid from his own fear starts diminishing. At the end he has left with no other choice except to fight.self realization lifeof a pi

He decided to accustomed with the situation. He fought well and communicate with an animal( his own fear) with expression, emotion and physical moment. When he conquered his own fear which was in something else, he fined something called self-realization. A state of mind where mind is no longer our master. And then it was easy for him to survive in an ocean. He cried in despair to god. Asked for forgiveness but as per God’s story this was not the end.

The story goes on, Fight became more difficult but they start building their understanding. They were in love with each other’s loneliness. And then they managed to reach at shore. And here comes the time which breaks PI’s heart into millions pieces. The Richard Parker, his true companion, after everything they went through just disappeared into jungle without even saying a goodbye. PI was overwhelmed because he reached at shore but the pain of depart of his companion makes him wither.

Later in his life he realized how god makes him understand his presence. The person with infinite dimensions cannot be judged or understand by ordinary people. He thanked GOD for Richard Parker. Without him he could not have survived a single day in ocean. In this victory of his soul over fear makes him believe in god very strongly.

We too have same story in our life. We all have Richard Parker with us. We are stuck in an ocean of so many materialistic things on a lonely boat with our own soul for company. All we have to do is keep faith, keep hope in god that every situation will be triumphed. This story of our life makes me think of god differently and what I am to expect from life. Life is hard, demanding but at same time kind.

In life we are pitted against what is evil. What seems a brutal end, the triumphed of PI, over his own fear is really a story about Hope. Hope is a good thing may be best of all and good thing never dies. Life always teaches us the correct lesson at right time, we just have to keep our believe in god so strong that we can accept everything as they are. So that we can fight with Richard Parker. Always remember friends when going gets tough my believe in god keeps me going.

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