Have you ever thought about your life goals?

An aim or purpose or an idea about future which gives you an anticipatory result is roughly termed as life goal. Life goal is an object either physical or abstract. It varies from person to person some may have vague ones while others may have specific. Hence, “have you ever thought about life goals ?” is a big question in life.



  • “Setting goal is the first step to turn invisible into visible”
Are you feeling lost in the world?  If you are not sure then do set your goals right now. People sitting at the top level in every domain have all set goals in life. Setting goals helps you to focus and diminishes all kind of distraction created by the outer world and builds up the inner peace.
By setting up smart goals one gets a motivation to do something which in return  boost up the self confidence and creates happiness in life.
  • “Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.”
Words like self control , strictness, self authority, trust and duty may look like heavy words but are the most beneficial ones. These are the zero talent of a human being which helps you to find out the answer to the question ” have you ever thought about life goals?”. Plan a way out and execute your goals in best possible manner. Effort hard, work sincerely with full dedication to attain the max of it.
  • “I do not focus on what I am up against. I focus on my goals and try to ignore the rest.”
When a person focuses on what he actually wants from the life then one does not attribute to his problem on the environment. One exercise his will that is takes up his own responsibility towards the goal. . It makes one understand about leaving behind wants every now and then.
Life becomes more monotonous when does not question “have you ever thought about life goals?”.One lacks fulfillment physically and mentally both. leaving comfort zone helps to get rid of it by just doing something you always wanted to do but didn’t get the courage to do it. It involves taking risk which makes your life more satisfied  and happier than ever before.

How to set a goal?

  • First and foremost, try to set an ultimate life goal by answering “have you ever thought about the life goal?” , to yourself. Goal could be on any niche like your career, finance, family, education etc. It should of minimum 10 years of tenure.
                          ” Set you goals high and do not stop till you get there”
  • Then further break this big goal into small goals which could be a month or a six month plan. create to do list on daily basis to accomplish your work and review by writing a dairy at the end of the day.
                       “Think big goals and expect little-little achievements to reach it.”
  • It is important to meet the goal and should not matter weather you are failing or not. Just focus on your goal which will lead to the happiness.
                                                 So are you gonna set you goal today?


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