Digital Detox- Divorcing with your Phone

Uppwas!!! Yes, you read it right. It is a Hindu religious word connected which implies with starvation from food. Upwas has many benefits like it detoxification. The Detoxification is mainly used for the process of ridding the human body of all the toxicities through special food items. When detoxification is combined with the term ‘digital,’then  what does digital detox actually mean?

Digitalization has created a technological revolution and everyone is aware of its advantages, but like everything else, it has a positive and a negative side. The toxicity of the digital era is omnipresent but it often goes unnoticed because of its psychological impact. It affects the mental health of a person leading to problems like stress, anxiety, and even depression. Some physical effects include headache and weak eyesight. Digital detox refers to the much-needed break from your regular phone usage to provide relaxation and rejuvenation to the mind. Though, it is easier said than done because of the current dependence on the phone for even basic activities.  





Why should you go for a digital detox?

To focus on your life instead of others-

The increase of internet usage has lead to the existence of a whole new world inside cell phones. Everyone likes to keep a tab on their favorite celebrities, friends, family, and memes in trend. They get so engrossed in others’ lives that they forget they have a life of their own. There is much more to life than constantly posting on social media and updating others about each and every move. A digital detox is the need of the hour to make people realize how good it feels to live a life without the constant need for recognition from others. 

To get to know yourself better-

Obsession with others’ lives has become a recent trend. They know everything about everyone like what celebrities do in their free time and how they manage their lives; but the same people are not aware of their own emotions, mood, feelings, and needs. A digital detox is a break from the virtual world provides plenty time to contemplate every tiny thing about them; how they feel at the moment, why are they feeling that way and figure out the best way to deal with it. Its the best way to know who you are?

We're all lost as no digital detox

To work for the achievement of your goals-

Achieving a goal is never an overnight process. It takes perseverance and hard work; it is a long and slow process. With the peak of digitalization, a need for instant gratification has been generated. No one wants to ‘want’ things that take a lot of time, like goals. Most of the people do not have any passion and spend their lives criticizing life, but that is not how life is meant to be lived. A digital detox provides a lot of time to people to figure out their passion and work on it.

achive goals with digital detox

To exhibit more ‘work’ than ‘words’-

If posting motivational quotes on social media would have meant that the person is actually implementing those teachings in everyday life then everyone’s life would have been a fairytale, but that is not how it works in real life. People spend so much time posting inspirational quotes online that they forget to actually execute them. A digital detox might be the first step towards converting your words into action. 

To avoid useless information-

How often does it happen that you open YouTube to search for a useful tutorial but end up watching random cat videos? Digitalization provides access to a lot of data and amidst the sea of information; the useful ones often go unnoticed. A digital detox would help in deduction of useless information by providing access to only the required information. It is time efficient and also productive as it promotes the focus only on useful things.

digital medial use,need to detox

To avoid distraction-

Just a peek at the notifications and a glance on all the apps is not a big task, right? That is where people go wrong. With tracking of screen time on people’s phones, the average usage of 6-7 hours has been recorded. It often comes as a surprise to many because apparently all they do is just check the notifications. It takes way longer to get a job done when the attention is diverted towards the phone. A digital detox can be your way to get more work done without any distractions and reach your potential.

To realize your self-worth-

It is not a rare sight to see someone feeling extremely good about themselves because they got hundreds of likes and comments on their picture. It reveals the sad truth of today’s world how people naively let others decide their self-worth. A digital detox plays a vital role in helping a person to discover their real self and realize their worth. Self-worth does not change depending on other people’s perceptions. It is important that people take the necessary time and learn to accept and love themselves.  

digital detox to notice me

To increase the quality of life-

While scrolling through different applications this thought often comes to the mind- “I wish I were as rich/thin/happy/beautiful as this person.” Photographs can be deceptive; a smile does not represent happiness. A break from the phone helps in increasing the quality of life by impacting certain aspects of people’s life- improving relationships by providing quality time, personality, enhancing skills, increasing productivity, and learning time management.

The world inside phones has become so big that people often forget about the real world around them. A digital detox bridges the gap between people and the real world and exhibits the importance of this connectivity. Everyone wants to be successful but for that, one should always keep growing and learning.

digital detox to increase the quality of life

Now the choice lies in your hands if you are going to allow a virtual world to hinder your process of development. There is a famous saying “In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take.” When taking a chance means to discover a whole new side of you and learn new things, is it really worth passing? Take the chance, seize the moment and take a break from your phone. How many times have you heard “Be yourself”? NOW is the perfect time to detox digitally!!!

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